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New and thoroughly updated, Epistemology: An Anthologycontinues to represent the most comprehensive and authoritativecollection of canonical readings in the theory of knowledge.

  • Concentrates on the central topics of the field, such asskepticism and the Pyrrhonian problematic, the definition ofknowledge, and the structure of epistemic justification
  • Offers coverage of more specific topics, such asfoundationalism vs coherentism, and virtue epistemology
  • Presents wholly new sections on 'Testimony, Memory, andPerception' and 'The Value of Knowledge'
  • Features modified sections on 'The Structure of Knowledge andJustification', 'The Non-Epistemic in Epistemology', and 'TheNature of the Epistemic'
  • Includes many of the most important contributions made inrecent decades by several outstanding authors

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